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Yeshivas Erev

Revolutionizing Torah study for young minds. Our unique program enables boys to read, comprehend, and passionately engage with the Gemara, developing a lifelong love and understanding of Torah.

Four nights a week, more than 100 boys gather at 12 Ido HaNavi Street in Jerusalem to learn, study, and immerse themselves in Gemara.

The Mission

The mission of Yeshivas Erev is to ignite young minds with a deep understanding and love for Torah. A great deal of work and thought have been invested in developing this method that empowers our children to learn Gemara on their own.

The Method

Our sessions combine engaging Aramaic lessons with specially crafted booklets that make learning a joy. Through these language skills, children develop the skills to study Torah texts independently, paving their learning journey for the rest of their lives.

The Focus

At Yeshivas Erev, we focus on Aramaic comprehension in order to build a strong foundation for understanding the Gemara. Regular tests, prizes, and family involvement turn each meeting into a celebration of progress and love for Torah.

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